Reproduction Licenses for Original © Art by Artist/Sculptor: Mark J. Ansier 

& IronWaves Custom Iron Art are available through IronWaves LLC.

Call 1.512.633.7710 or e mail License@IronWaves.com with the following information

to begin the process of securing your License Agreement


    • Your Name / Company Name & Contact Details – Physical Address / Phone / E Mail                                
    • Description or Title of Image/s or Sculpture for use with License
    • Product/s for Use with License – Example: T Shirts, Furniture
    • Sales Territories Request for use with License – Example: A State or Internet Sales
    • Estimated Time Period Request (Years)
    • Estimated Sales Projections – Year 1 – 2 – 3
    • Distribution Channels – Example: Specialty Stores, Our Store, Amazon
    • Top 5 Retail Accounts – Which accounts currently carry your licensed products
    • Other License Agreements Currently in Place


Upon receipt we will be in contact and you will receive an

outline of your License Agreement opportunities

Thank you for your interest • We look forward to working with you